Apple is well known being a cash rich technology company on the Earth but it Rarely spend on acquisitions. In spite of having more than $260 billion in cash, Apple has contributed the minimum on acquisitions in past last five years among the BIG FIVE technology companies (as said Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon).

Apple rarely  makes the attractive deals. I think so they decided to change the past. So In THIS WEEK they pay out $400 million while tie in with the famous music App now a days. Who? Well, not other than Shazam. Which is at top in fascinating the music fans.

History shows Apple is a attractive buyer. Apple get hold of 55 private companies, since 2013. From which 11 are of almost $5.1 billion and remaining 44 are just below $100 million, which they just purchase for early phase of set up.

Over the past 5 years, Apple’s track record shows that Apple has minimum of 8 and maximum of 13 acquisition deals.

As I said Apple is passionate about buying. So in fact Apple is not at the least but Lie in the middle of BIG FIVE when it comes to buying startups.

Hope so 2018 will be a brilliant year for Apple!