Software company Afiniti announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Larry Babbio as the company’s next Chief Executive Officer. He will also continue as the Chair of the Board of Directors of Afiniti, a role that he was given last month.

Babbio, the former Vice Chair and President of Verizon Communications, has served as a Director of Afiniti’s Board since 2016. In a press release, the company said Babbio brings strong technology industry experience and global executive leadership to Afiniti.

“Afiniti is a company made up of dedicated and talented people, who have together created a truly powerful technology,” Babbio said.

“We have a bright future, and to reach our full potential, we must continue building a supportive workplace that enables all of our employees to thrive — while delivering outstanding service to our clients,” he added.

Last month, Afiniti’s founder Zia Chishti had stepped down from his role as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Afiniti in the wake of sexual assault allegations against him.