Huawei’s consumer business CEO Richard Yu, in a recent interview, claimed that around 8 years ago, when Huawei entered the smartphone business, the consumer response was next to negligible which is why the Company planned on exiting the business.

Taking the credit, Mr. Yu claims that he was the one who made the important decision of staying in the business and that is the reason the Chinese Giant is currently a part of the top 3 largest brands in terms of shipment volume. He said:

I made an important decision. We want to make mid to high-end products and promote Huawei’s own brand. It was a very bold decision.

Huawei has been working on a documentary titled, “Who is Huawei?” and just today released the third episode of the series. The episode is four hours long and consists of interviews of the various executives from the company including CEO Richard Yu. The above-mentioned piece of information was disclosed in said episode.

Currently, Huawei is the second-largest OEM manufacturer after Samsung. According to yesteryear’s consumer business report, the Chinese Giant shipped over 200 million smartphones in 2018. As compared to 2010, where the company shipped only 10 million units, this was a huge achievement for the Company. Huawei will keep on investing in its R&D and is working towards its goal of beating Samsung to become the top OEM globally.