Do you think your electronic gadgets, your machines or anything you have secured using passwords is actually secured? Well if u think like that then sorry to say but you are living in a fool’s paradise. Nowadays hackers are able to get through any of your machines even if it is secured by many passwords.

This article is to let the readers know about a latest hacking technique known as ATM Skimming.

It appears like we hear stories of ATM card skimming increasingly consistently. Skimming of debit and credit card is progressively on the ascent in the recent years.

ATM skimming

ATM skinning is stealing of card data of the users of ATM machines. This is done by illegally installing false devices onto an ATM. The PIN number for the card can likewise be stolen with the utilization of a key-logging gadget put over the key cushion or introducing an illegal camera to keep an eye on the PIN being written in.

What is a skimming device and how can we know if it is placed there or not

A skimming device or you may also call it a skimmer is a device similar to a card reader with a built in memory card. This device gets all the data from your card as soon as you operate the machine and stores it to the memory card. The device (skimmer) is camouflaged similar to the card reader or the actual ATM machine so that the user don’t find out that its original or the skimmer.

The skimmer always comes with a keypad or a hidden camera so that the pin code of the user can also be obtained.

Information stolen from the card

The information stolen from your card includes:

  • Member name
  • Full card number
  • Expiration date.
  • The PIN number can also be stolen if there is an unauthorized video camera installed or key-logging device placed over the original key pad.

Procedure followed for skimming

  • The skimmer is installed onto the original card slot of the ATM machine
  • A hidden camera is installed over the ATM keypad machine or a fake keypad is placed on top of the original
  • Whenever a user make any transaction the data is copied
  • The thief would get to the ATM machine any time and would take of the skimmer and keypad or camera and Wallaaahhhh!! Now he has the data.
  • The thief can use your credentials for making transactions and practically emptying your bank account.

How to avoid skimming

  • When you are at an ATM, wiggle everything. If something is a skimmer, they will be not as secure to the machine. If something moves at all, don’t use it.
  • Always hide your pin. Pin is the key to our account. Only the account details are of no use to anyone until and unless you pin is there as well.
  • It would be better if you get to a busy ATM rather than an abandoned ATM at the corner of a center.
  • Make sure to check your account regularly. By doing this, you are preventing the fraud transactions from continuing.

Long story cut short if you have concerns about the ATM you’re about to use, don’t use it! Find another one rather than risk having your ATM card number fall into the wrong hands.