From the last few months Google team has been receiving complaints regarding some bugs. The bugs are regarding the Home Mini Crashes. These crashes are observed when the smart speakers are played at their maximum. This was observed by the google team when the Google’s message board started to get bulked up with complaints regarding the similar issue from their clients.

The issue is far reaching enough that the organization has started requesting crash reports from clients through the Google Home application. The company have told that they have started working on fixing the bugs.

For some, the problem only occurred for a selective set of songs. “Royals” by Lorde is one that gets named checked a considerable amount, making the framework close down and reboot. For the time being the solution for the issue is to keep the volume a bit down.

This bug has tormented Google’s hardware in a long line. The Pixel 2 has been the subject of number of issues from show issues to sound chronicle quality, while numerous have discovered the Pixel Buds’ matching issues to be temperamental. The Home Mini itself experienced harsh criticism before launch, when a unit was observed to be perseveringly recording a client without permission, making the organization impair an on-board feature.

Even though the hopes are high that Google hardware team would be able to fix these bugs soon enough.