K-Electric (KE) plans to add 350 to 400 MW to its existing renewable capacity, according to an official report issued by the company.

In its recently released “2021 Sustainability Report,” KE has outlined its sustainability agenda and efforts to make a contribution towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“Sustainability has also been embedded into the company’s operational vision, and in addition to existing renewable capacity, the company plans to add another 350 to 400 MW under an ambitious energy diversification strategy”, KE says in its report.

The report adds that the company, with investments in distribution capacity and infrastructure, has significantly reduced load-shedding as a notable percentage of demand has been met.

The reports’ key highlights for the year 2020-2021 include the Project Sarbulandi, which focuses on 12 high loss areas of Karachi, with a goal to positively impact 10 million residents, along with the initiative to renovate public parks and schools, installation of six filtration plants, impacting over 55,000 people, and free medical camps for local communities.

Further, as part of its agenda of diversity, equality, and inclusion, the company inducted 40 female community safety ambassadors under its Roshni Baji Program. The community safety ambassadors have visited over 100,000 homes, educating households about best safety practices.

Commenting on the report, Chief Marketing, Communication & Customer Experience Officer, Sadia Dada said, “This sustainability report is a snapshot of the work that we have been doing over the year, and it is humbling to see the scale of our achievements thus far. We have been working actively to address sustainability at grassroots level as well as company-wide. Whether it leverages greater automation and digitization into our processes or engages the communities we serve to achieve a common goal, our aim has been to ensure that we secure our future with planning and foresight today.”