PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) keeps getting better and better with every update. Although there are no official patch notes available for the next big update, YouTuber PlayerIGN is back again with an entire list of possible future changes for PUBG.

Note that this is for PUBG on PC/consoles not PUBG Mobile.

PlayerIGN had a lot to say in his latest video. He claims that a new movement mechanic and animations are coming, there are going to be riot shields as well as a new offline training mode with zombies. The classic FPS game mode, Team Deathmatch, is also finally coming from PUBG Lite to PUBG PC/Console. And, of course, a number of new weapons are also coming in the next update.


He further added that there is going to be more story mode content which will be a prequel to the Erangel story. A new ranked and clan system will be introduced, and there will also be a new boat for the Miramar map. The new weapons will include P90 (Sub Machinegun), HK G3 (Auto Rifle), Famas (Auto Rifle) along with C4 explosives and Claymores.

PlayerIGN has always been a credible tipster when it comes to PUBG, so it is highly likely that most of the new content he mentioned will make it into the next update. However, it is currently unknown when the next update is landing.