Google Maps introduced a crowd tracking feature earlier this year which lets you see how busy a location is. Now the search engine giant is adding more to this feature ahead of holidays in the US.

The new and updated crowd tracking feature should make it easier to navigate through busy locations like airports and malls. The new navigation system will rollout globally but people in the US are getting extra features such as price ranges for different restaurants and quicker trips to grocery stores based on how busy each one is.

The updated crowd tracking will also work for popular points of interest such as museums or town squares. Since a lot of popular sites are already listed on the app, you will be able to zoom in on the locations to check how crowded each place is up close. The app will even give you directions to avoid crowds on popular sites.

Google Maps Will Now Help You Avoid Crowds More Easily

Google claims that this feature can potentially save hours of people’s lives and will also help avoid stress. The company has said that this feature will roll out all over the world during the “holiday season”, which is December for clarification. This means that Android and iOS users should expect to see it in the next few weeks.