In April 2018, Xiaomi introduced Xiao AI, a voice assistant built specifically for its phones. The smart assistant is pretty similar to Siri and Google Assistant but is tailored for the Chinese market.

Over the years, Xiaomi has been low-key copying Google’s and Apple’s ideas. One such example is Xiaomi’s smartwatch lineup, every new release looks like it is inspired by the latest Apple watch.

If you remember, Google announced a continuous conversation feature for its audio-only Google Home smart speakers last year. The same feature was released for Android smartphones just recently.

Following Google’s footsteps, the Chinese phone maker has announced full-duplex natural continuous conversation for its smartphones during the Xiaomi Developers Conference.

Currently, the feature is only supported by two devices: Mi 9 Pro and Mi 9, however, the company has claimed that the update is being rolled out to other Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones as well.

The feature will allow users to activate the continuous dialogue feature with a single command. After that, the assistant will keep up with the user and will stay active in case the user asks any follow-up questions of gives a command. You won’t need to wake up the assistant every time (like saying ok Google or hey Siri).

Another interesting feature accompanying the continuous conversations is “converting call audio to text” in case the user is not available. The assistant will even convey an automated reply to the caller.