At its recent Developer’s conference in Beijing, the Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi introduced its new telescopic lens technology with an aim to redefine smartphone photography.

According to the company, the telephoto lens can collect 300% more light than a traditional telephoto lens. Hence, this would significantly improve the camera performance, particularly in low-light scenarios. Apart from this, the lens is backed by advanced stabilization, which improves the camera quality and sharpness by as much as 20 percent.

As the video shows, the lens extends automatically, much like what we see in professional-grade cameras. It even allows the user to capture high-quality macro stills. According to the company, the lens has been designed to eliminate the need of having so many cameras on the back of a phone. This technology, combined with a high-end sensor, can cover multiple focal lengths.

The best part is, Xiaomi believes the tech is almost ready to be implemented. Hence, we will see the first devices with a telescopic zoom pretty soon. Although Xiaomi did not announce the exact time frame, we believe the first phone with this new tech might break covers by the end of next year.

More details will be revealed soon.