Samsung has released new promotional content for the latest version of its Android skin, One UI 4.0. Beta versions of One UI 4 have been available in a few regions and it’s only a few weeks until we get the final build.

Just ahead of its release, Samsung has released new videos to hype up its new Android skin.

The first video shows how One UI has evolved through the years starting from One UI 2.0. Finally, it shows how One UI 4.0 has been made according to users’ wishes with a lot more customization options, widgets, dark mode for app icons, and more. Check out the video below.

The video showcases a variety of other updates coming with the new version, but the most surprising bit is towards the end of the video. Samsung has confirmed that One UI is coming to laptops soon and it will be called the One UI Book 4. As the name says, this is going to be a special version of One UI made specifically for laptops. It will run on Windows-based laptops and will only be a skin on top instead of being Android-based like the regular One UI.

The second video shows more details for the improved customization coming to One UI 4.0. It also shows various photo-related tools and how you can quickly share photos between your phone and laptop. The video ends by hinting at an “ecosystem” which shows that Samsung is working on something similar to Apple’s iOS/macOS ecosystem.