Lenovo’s subsidiary Motorola has been working on reviving its iconic Motorola Razr for a while now. The phone was reportedly in the works, but the company has remained silent about the whole situation until now.

Motorola has started sending out invites for an event on the 13th of November. Based on the invite, the event will happen in downtown Los Angeles and it is highly likely that the company will relaunch its fan-favorite Motorola Razr’s revived form.

The invite being sent out to media includes a GIF that showcases old Motorola Razr’s hinge followed by another visual of a hinge which is expected to be a part of upcoming Folding Razr. It also states, “You’re going to flip” and hints at “highly anticipated unveiling of a reinvented icon”.

As far as the specifications of the phone are concerned, the company has not revealed any details. However, the leaks propose that it will feature two displays, Snapdragon 710 SoC, 4GB/64GB and 6GB/128GB variants, a 2,730 mAh battery and a $1500 price tag.

Stay tuned to stay posted in case of any more developments.