The shift to cloud-based services by businesses around the globe is ever increasing with the changing digital landscape. Companies require speed, security, scalability, and availability of any service they opt for and Nayatel’s cloud platform in Pakistan certainly delivers that.

There has been a need for a local cloud platform in Pakistan that is more accessible to businesses.

International cloud platforms not only become expensive in terms of taxes, but also charge users for extra volume and thus limiting users with Fair usage policies (FUPs).

Nayatel’s cloud on the contrary has very competitive packages, provides unlimited volume with no FUP, ensures 100Mbps uplink connectivity, and easy to use dashboard.

In a partnership with Canonical, Nayatel has built Pakistan’s first self-service, fully automated cloud platform that offers 24/7 premium customer support, better efficiency, and greater security by aligning the IT needs of companies, industries, and startups.

After the successful 1-month trial period which received tremendous response from users, Nayatel has fully launched its cloud platform. Via this trial, customers were able to experience Nayatel’s Cloud service for free with zero human intervention.

This first local alternative platform launched by Nayatel offers easy-to-use dashboards, allowing users to create their own virtual data centers with full console access.

You can manage your own network settings in the virtual environment, with a highly interactive user interface and complete control over the servers. This interactive platform offers premium storage plans that enable data protection and increased security.

The launch of Nayatel Cloud puts it at the center stage to deliver unmatched, high levels of automation and provide international standard quality services and products to a growing and untapped market which opens avenues for businesses and industries alike.