TikTok has held the record of being the most downloaded app for a while now, but now a new mobile app has just stolen its crown. Zoom became the most downloaded app in Q2 (April-June) 2020, becoming the third app to ever cross 300 million downloads in a single quarter after Pokemon Go and TikTok.

Zoom Surpasses TikTok as the Most Downloaded App in The World

The video conferencing platform got a surge in popularity after the COVID-19 pandemic forced work from home and online classes for people all over the globe. Zoom shattered the record for iOS App Store installs with nearly 94 million installs, while TikTok stood at 71 million.Zoom Surpasses TikTok as the Most Downloaded App in The World

TikTok had the lead in terms of Google Play Store downloads with over 225 million while Zoom had a little more than 200 million downloads. Nevertheless, Zoom was still the overall winner with results from both platforms combined (as shown in the first graph).

Zoom’s downloads came largely from India with a score of 68 million, while the US took the second spot with 41 million installs. India’s downloads were more than all of Europe combined, which brought in nearly 60 million.

As Sensor Tower mentions, no non-gaming app has ever crossed the 300 million mark. This puts Zoom and TikTok in a league of their own next to Pokemon Go, which was booming in 201