Sensor tower, famous for its application analytics, recently revealed the ‘Top Apps Worldwide for June 2020 by Downloads’ report detailing the top app publishers around the globe.

According to the report, the top publisher for both iOS and Android was Google for the month of June, with more than 317.6 million downloads and a whopping 68.5 percent year on year increase. Following Google, Facebook, Voodoo, Bytedance, and Outfit7 round up the top five developers globally for Google Play store.

These Are the Top Apps & Publishers in the World

As far as iOS is concerned, Google held the top spot here as well, followed by Tencent and Facebook. While both stores shared most of the publishers in the top 10, Alibaba was exclusive to the top 10 iOS publishers.

These Are the Top Apps & Publishers in the World

Moving on to the most downloaded applications, TikTok takes the lead, followed by Zoom in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Where YouTube won the third-place in App store, Facebook stood at 3rd place in overall downloads. YouTube went down to 10th place on the overall scoreboard, followed by WhatsApp and Instagram in the overall and iOS category. Surprisingly, Google Meets beat Instagram in the number of downloads on the Play store. This is most probably the result of work from home culture-induced due to the ongoing pandemic.

Here’s the complete report if you are interested.