Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Roidmi was founded not too long ago. However, in a short time, the ecological chain has managed to roll out a couple of useful lifestyle products, which mainly include wireless and wired vacuum cleaners as well as car chargers.

This time around, the company has rolled out a portable and lightweight Tire Inflator designed for people who are always on the move. The tire inflator can also be used for objects like balls and children’s toys.

Design and Construction

The Roidmi Tire Inflator has been designed to replicate a cold drink can. Hence, it can easily fit into a car’s glove box or a motorbike’s storage compartment.

It features an LED on top to select different modes and a warning light to notify other motorists during night time. The device comes with three extra nozzle attachments and a carrying bag.

Other specifications

This portable tire inflator is equipped with four intelligent inflation modes, namely, bike, motorbike, car, and ball. Each mode has a preset value based on the type of object being inflated. According to the company, the device is capable of inflating an average car tire in 9 minutes.

Once turned on, the device can be left unattended since the built-in pressure sensors halt the process as soon as the required pressure is reached.

It packs a 2600 mAh battery that has a one-year standby time.

Pricing and Availability

The Roidmi Tire Inflator is currently available for crowdfunding and costs $49. After this, the retail price will jump up to $59. The shipments are expected to start as early as August 2020.