MacBook Air 2020

Apple has been using the controversial butterfly keyboard on its Macbooks for years until all the negative responses started coming. The Cupertino based tech giant finally listened and replaced the butterfly keyboard with standard scissor switches, but now it seems that the company has new plans.

A newly uncovered Apple patent shows that the company is working on glass keycaps to make them more durable. The patent was filed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO last year but has only surfaced now. It shows that new Macbooks will be using glass keycaps instead of plastic to enhance longevity.

Applaye patent Keys

The patent describes that these new keys will be using a light-blocking material to define symbols and letters on the keys so the backlight can be behind them. This will light up keys and make the characters visible. This type of backlighting can also be used for dual-color or RGB LEDs that can alter the brightness and color of keycaps apart from the characters

Since the characters will be placed at the bottom with this technology, they will not wear off with time.

Keep in mind that Apple files a lot of patents and as always it is not certain whether they will implement this technology. This type of technology can take years to develop unless Apple has been working on it for a while. That being said, we do not expect to see any new Macbooks with glass keys anytime soon.