In a recent development, Danish Lakhani, the CEO of Cybernet, has been appointed Chair of the Board of the APNIC Foundation. The Board comprises members from China, Japan, India, Indonesia, and Australia. Mr. Lakhani brings with him extensive experience developing and managing fiber broadband networks and internet service operations.

The APNIC Foundation was built on a vision of a global, open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific community. Under its charter, the Foundation seeks to advance education, on a non-profit making basis, in technical, operational, and policy matters relating to Internet infrastructure, through undertaking or funding activities in the Asia and the Pacific region.

The APNIC Foundation seeks to boost investment in building capacity, both people and infrastructure, to foster an open, stable, and secure internet, accessible to all. It also aims to bridge the digital divide between the connected and the unconnected.

In addition to his current role at Cybernet, Danish Lakhani is also the Co-Founder & CEO of the upcoming electronic money institution, NayaPay. Under his leadership, Cybernet refocused its strategy on fiber as the primary last mile for enterprises and introduced StormFiber for consumers across Pakistan. StormFiber has expanded to thirteen major cities in Pakistan with plans to add many more.

Mr. Lakhani is an MBA graduate of Harvard Business School. Prior to Harvard, he completed his MS in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Networked Systems from Stanford University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics-Computer Science from Brown University.