LG has unveiled Tone Free TWS earbuds that come with the unique ability to clean themselves. It packs the world’s first-ever self-cleaning charging case that uses LG’s UVnano technology to kill bacteria when the buds are not in use.

LG’s new TONE Free TWS earbuds have a self-cleaning case, available next monthThese AirPods look-alikes come with a feature called Meridian Audio. According to LG, this ensures realistic-sounding audio straight into your ear thanks to Meridian’s HPS (Headphone Spatial Processing) technology for immersive sound. This is combined with a new in-canal design for a more comfortable fit and better noise isolation.

LG Unveils Self Cleaning Wireless Earbuds With Fast ChargingIn case you don’t want to block out surrounding noises, there is an Ambient Sound mode that feeds external audio into your ears to make sure you can hear everything around you. There are four equalizer presets including Natural, Immersive, Bass Boost, and Treble Boost but you can always create a custom preset as well.

These earbuds can last 6 hours on a single charge and come with fast charging as well that claims 1 hour of use with 5 minutes of charging. With the case, the earbuds offer a total of 18 hours of listening.

The LG Tone Free TWS earbuds will be available in Black and White starting next month. The price of these earbuds has not been officially revealed but we can expect them to cost around $250 based on the previous version’s price.