News of Telegram-like animated stickers coming to the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been making rounds on the internet for a while.

This new feature briefly showed up in WhatsApp beta for both Android version well as on iOS version but then disappeared in the next version.

WhatsApp is Testing Animated Stickers

According to WABetainfo, the animated stickers will come to the IM application in a three-fold system

  1. Users will be able to view animated stickers in their chats.
  2. They will get an option to save and send them.
  3. People will be able to download third-party animated stickers as well.

The report details that WhatsApp has implemented the third step and is rolling out the first step for beta users. However, for unknown reasons, the latest beta version does not include the new feature.

For now, there is no option to loop animated stickers in the current implementation and there’s no word whether WhatsApp will allow looping or include a toggle to enable it. At this point it is not easy to verify whether someone has the feature enabled, since they will need to receive an animated sticker from an official developer.

Before the feature vanished on the latest beta, some users were able to view what WhatsApp has in store for us. According to them, stickers from animated packs are live in the conversation and just like Telegram’s animated stickers, they only animate once and then stop. To trigger a sticker again you have to tap it. Additionally, the beta version came with five animated sticker packs: Playful Piyomaru, Rico’s Sweet Life, Moody Foodies, Chummy Chum Chums, and Bright Days.

We still don’t know when WhatsApp plans on rolling out the feature to the stable version of the app. However, since it made it to beta briefly, we might see a complete version of animated stickers on another beta version sooner than later.

If you want to test these stickers out, you need to be on beta v2.20.194.7 of WhatsApp, which is still available here. Although you have to receive a sticker from someone who has them enabled.