Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the launch of the “Corona Relief Tiger Force” mobile app on Wednesday. The announcement was made as an effort to improve the tiger force team’s digital approach in the fight against COVID-19.

PM Imran Khan met with the Special Assistant of Youth Affairs Usman Dar who briefed him about how technology can contribute significantly to the effective functioning of the Tiger Force. Subsequently, the PM approved the launch of the Tiger Force application which will feature geotagging to ensure smooth operation.

The launch will be hosted by the Prime Minister himself and it is due in the coming weeks.

He stressed that the best facilities should be provided to the youth of the country as they are an invaluable asset, and therefore, should be given full opportunity to serve the nation.

A few months ago, PM Imran Khan announced the launch of the youth force labeled as “Corona Relief Tigers” to lead the fight against COVID-19. During his briefing with the media, he said that they are calling upon volunteers to help win the fight against the virus.

Once the platform started receiving applications from volunteers, Usman Dar, who himself registered as a volunteer revealed that they had received more than 90,000 applications.