Information Technology is playing an important role in every field of life. The evolution of the internet, smartphones and such other devices, The World is going to depend on technology, because It has helped to reduce costs, saving time, enhance operational efficiency, improve services and also helped us to reduce labor costs. It also helps to avoid systems and customer service issues. Technology also provides an extra security layer on your system.

Travel & Tourism industry is a major part to increase the economy of any country. People choose destinations online for vacations. According to Google Travel Study, more than 70% traveler plans their trip on the internet. The rest of the people would prefer to visit a travel agency to plan their trip.

There are four mean pillars of technology in the travel industry.

• Internet

• Reservation & Booking Systems

• Computer Systems

• Mobile Communication

By using these pillars, we can enhance the transport sector, accommodation sector, and attraction sector. In Pakistan, the airline transport sector depends a lot on the technology sector. Thousands of people travel domestically and internationally for business, tourism, study and work in a day. Another big change in the travel industry witness in current years is customer buying behaviour. They want to save their time by using online booking systems for ticketing and reservations oh hotels and cars. And also, more than just receiving the booking confirmation emails, messages, phone calls, promotional emails, and the feedback calls, the customers wish to know about the travel experience, promotions, packages, and deals. To create more interests in mind customers, marketing is an important factor. It a job for a travel company to provide the most appropriate solution to their customer need.

Technology provides an option for the customer to book online air tickets, hotels for accommodation and cars for transportation. With the advent of technology, most of the travel companies are targeting these segments to develop their interface. GDS (Global Distribution System) are there which provide online information, availability, and price to agents and booking companies.

Sabre and Galileo are major technologies used in the travel and tourism industry. GDS of these technologies are used by travel companies to get access for flights, hotels booking systems. This technology helps travel companies to quickly filter the travel option for their customers. It also enables travellers to do the self-service booking of flights, hotels, and cars independently.

There are many travel companies in Pakistan which are using the latest travel technology and providing online travel booking services. is Pakistan first online travel company. They are providing services for air tickets, hotels, visas, and cars booking. You can search for Airline Ticket Rate and book flights for domestic and international destinations.

There are many airlines that operate flights Pakistan. Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, PIA, Air blue and Serene Air are the top of the list airlines that operate flights for local and international destinations. They are providing best travel services to their customers. Majority of customers prefer the PIA Booking for local and international destinations. PIA is the national flag carrier of Pakistan. Its main hub is Karachi Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport but also operating from other cities of Pakistan for local and international destinations. PIA using the latest travel technology for booking airline tickets.

Travel and Tourism industry enhancing day by day with the help of latest technology. People are looking for their ease in everything especially in buying online. With the invention of new technology, travel and tourism industry can become the next big thing in Pakistan.