Google, via Think with Google, has released the first “What is Pakistan searching for?” report detailing the search habits of Pakistani citizens online and how their behaviors are changing.

For those who don’t know, Think with Google is a Consumer Insight tool that explores real-time data to provide insights related to consumer research, shopping, and purchase behaviors.

According to the report, over the past three years, the country’s digital population has surged by 68%, with 78 million users searching the web to either watch, read, learn, buy or run a business. It details that the average Pakistani citizen is trying to make more informed decisions when it comes to online purchases. Around 55% of the shoppers search for a product first, but then check YouTube or read reviews and understand user feedback. As compared to last year, 81% of people are reportedly trying to make more informed decisions, which means they are not ready to make any compromises.

The overall trend seems to be moving towards a positive mind and body image. There has been an overall 1.5 times jump in searches related to ‘vegetarian cuisine,’ a huge 189% growth in fitness-related searches, and a 175% increase in HIIT workout searches on YouTube.

Moreover, Pakistanis are trying to be more environmentally aware, which is commendable considering how our country was shrouded with smog just last year. According to the report, users are seemingly curious about the visible impact on air quality and pollution levels. Search interests for ‘clear skies’ rose by 300%, ‘clean air’ by 225%, and ‘clear water’ by 217%.

The ongoing pandemic has also had a major impact on the users’ online behavior. Around 73% of internet users in Pakistan are spending time on YouTube every month. There has been a 550% increase in searches for ‘online classes,’ 150% jump in searches for ‘with me’ videos, and a 144% surge in DIY tutorials.

The report is focused on helping brands understand what consumers are looking for, if you are interested in reading the report, head here.