Ever been curious about where you appear in images across the internet? A facial recognition search engine claims to find anyone’s images on the internet just by using a single picture.

PimEyes is a Polish facial recognition website that has been in use for a little while. It includes a crafty tool that allows anyone to upload an image of a person’s face and then find more images of that person across publicly accessible platforms such as Tumblr, YouTube, WordPress, news outlets, etc.

The Polish image search feature markets itself as a tool to uphold privacy and prevent misuse of one’s own images. However, it can also be used to upload other people’s images, and stalk them, which also makes it a dangerous tool capable of harm, or at the very least, an invasion of privacy. The company hasn’t responded to a request to comment on this matter.

The search engine also offers premium packages for paying users to give them additional services. Premium users get the ability to set alerts for when new images are uploaded to specific platforms and further premium tiers allow up to 25 saved alerts. This means that premium users can get alerts of images of 25 different people across the internet, becoming the ultimate stalker.

There are also additional services for developers to search the website’s database. You can try the tool for yourself on the company’s website and through the Andriod app as well.