Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started blacklisting IP addresses using unregistered Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), directing all such users to get their VPNs registered.

According to confirmed sources, a number of corporate connections have been blocked due to the use of VPNs in a bid to block grey traffic and illegal Voice over IP (VoIP) companies working as call centers and doing data entry operations.

On condition of anonymity, a PTA official told ProPakistani that the authority has deployed a sophisticated system to curb grey traffic by detecting unregistered VPNs.

A number of companies in Pakistan are running call centers through VPNs thus pretending to be working in the US or other countries. It all falls under the grey traffic category, however, the IP addresses are currently being blocked for corporate clients of different Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The ISPs have been notified of the development, directing them to convey the message to all corporate clients using unregistered VPNs. The deadline for the registration is 30th June 2020 and those failing to comply with the directives will have to face legal action if they are using VPNs for any illegal activities.

Use of any mode of communication such as VPN by means of which communication becomes hidden or encrypted is a violation of PTA regulations. Users which are required to use VPN for their legitimate purposes must register their VPN with PTA through their respective Internet Service Provider till 30-06-2020.