Following Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Realme, the BBK Electronics-owned Oppo is also working its way into the smart TV industry. The smartphone manufacturer revealed its plan of launching products across different portfolios at the Oppo Inno Day conference in December last year.

However, only recently, the Chinese company published an infographic celebrating one year of commercial 5G efforts in China. At the end of the infographic, there is a stylized depiction of a TV amongst pictures of existing products.

The infographic, overall, showed that Oppo has 30+ operators worldwide carrying their 5G products, 3000+ global patents related to 5G, and are already beginning to explore 6G connectivity. The company has already been involved in 8 major 5G breakthroughs.

Although the company has hinted that it will launch a smart TV soon, there has not been an official announcement regarding the release.

Considering that Oppo’s subsidiary Realme released several smart TVs only recently, there’s a high chance Oppo will launch its own set of smart TVs sooner than later. Moreover, since OnePlus has just announced its new affordable smart TV that only costs around $200, it’s probable that Oppo will launch something along those lines. We will get more hints in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for updates.