Microsoft is finally giving AppGet developer Keivan Beigi credit for using his work for the Windows Package Manager.

A few days ago Beigi revealed how Microsoft had reached out to him and showed interest in his own package manager. They invited him for interviews only to ghost him for months and then soon after revealed their own package manager that was very similar. Beigi felt that Microsoft’s package manager was inspired by his own and accused the company of stealing his work.

He claimed that Microsoft’s package manager had used “core mechanics, terminology, the manifest format and structure, even the package repository’s folder structure” from AppGet’s iteration. Microsoft did mention AppGet in its announcements but only glancing over how several other similar package managers already exist.

Later, the program manager responsible for the app model mentioned AppGet and Keivan Beigi’s work. However, it fell short of apologizing for the circumstances or admitting that the Windows Package Manager was inspired by AppGet, only saying that “it helped us get to a better product direction”.

Microsoft is now finally promising the much-deserved credit to Beigi with an upcoming update to the readme option to Windows Package Manager. Beigi himself is also in talks with the company over the issue and hopes that he will have something to share soon.