The YouTube TV app is about to get a lot better soon. The video streaming giant has just announced seamless syncing between the YouTube app on phones and TVs, making it a lot easier to control it on your TV.

Before this, you could only do so through casting, which is not available to everyone, and was a bit sluggish as well. Not just that, but it also didn’t show any details about the video currently playing on your TV automatically on your phone.

YouTube TV is Getting a Major Upgrade

But this is going to change from now on as the new feature will let you connect your YouTube app on Android or iOS effortlessly to your TV without any casting. It is a complete sync so you will also get full details of the video playing on your TV on your phone app.

To use this feature, YouTube TV and the YouTube app on your phone need to be signed in to the same account. Start the YouTube app on both your devices and you will see a prompt pop up. All you need to do is hit Connect and both apps will be connected with complete sync.

This will let you control YouTube TV through your phone such as using your phone’s keyboard to search videos on the TV, comment on a video you’re watching on the TV through your phone, and much more.

It is unclear whether it is a server-side update or if you’ll need to update your YouTube apps for it, but in any case, it should roll out around the globe soon.