When it comes to official announcements and news, scheduling tweets and messages has proven very useful. Till now, users had to resort to third-party applications like Tweetdeck to schedule tweets.

However, the company has finally announced that Twitter will now allow users to schedule tweets from its main web app. The feature was first announced in November 2019.

The new feature was, of course, announced via the official Twitter support account on the platform. The tweet showcases that users will be able to save draft tweets in the web app. When composing a tweet, they will see a little calendar icon on the bottom row of icons in the compose window. Here, they will be able to select the time and date for the specified tweet to go live.

The tweet also clears up the fact that drafts saved on the web app will only sync to other instances of the web app exclusively. This means drafts written in Twitter’s mobile app will not sync to the web.

The whole process of scheduling tweets is shown in this video posted on the Twitter Support account.

You Can Now Schedule Tweets From the Twitter Web App

Twitter Support


Not quite ready to send that Tweet? Now on https://twitter.com  you can save it as a draft or schedule it to send at a specific time –– all from the Tweet composer!

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Twitter has been working on making its platform secure and private for a while. This new feature was launched in an attempt to prevent users from giving third-party applications access to their accounts.