Pakistan is a county full of craftsmen who also have a particular hobby at which they are quite proficient. Such is the case of a welder from Arifwala who built a car from a decommissioned motorcycle engine and scrap metal for just Rs. 50,000.

A media report details that Muhammad Amin has built the vehicle using a 70cc motorcycle engine. The car can accommodate a driver and four passengers and can travel up to a speed of 50 kph while hauling 600-800 kg of weight.

Amin told the media that he had collected scrap metal from a junkyard and fashioned it to make the body panels of the vehicle. He added that from start to finish, the vehicle had been built on a budget of Rs. 50,000.

He stated that as the vehicle is powered by a 70cc engine, it is very easy to maintain in terms of fuel consumption.

The locals lauded the efforts of Muhammad Amin in building a vehicle that could potentially be a viable means of transportation for the families of marginalized people in underdeveloped villages. They added that the government should take people like Amin under its wing and support them to aid the development of cheap vehicles in Pakistan.