Popular Chinese consumer electronics brand Gree is known for its high-quality home appliances in Pakistan. The company is commonly known for its Air-Conditioners but one of its recent patents shows an interesting idea that could make for an efficient alternative to conventional ACs.

The patent was originally applied for a few months ago, and it details, of all things, an air-conditioned sofa. The sofa will have an air inlet and outlet, and the temperature of its body will be controllable through the airflow. It will have a fan and a cooling mechanism that is more efficient than standard air conditioners.

Additionally, the sofa will be able to target specific areas where someone is seated and cool that particular surface. This will make it far more efficient than standard ACs with lower power consumption by targeting only those areas that require cooling rather than the entire sofa or the room.

As of now, there are no diagrams or renders available for the patent and no specifications are known either. As with every uncovered patent, there is no real proof of whether the product will ever make it into production and retail so we recommend taking this information with a grain of salt.