Digital publishers of Pakistan have collectively voiced their concern over the recent harassment of their journalists by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

The publishers complain of the high-handedness of the FIA officials where baseless notices are being served to individuals in what appears to be mere victimization of digital journalists.

Besides notices, the staff of Siasat.PK, both editors and reporters, have reported being harassed by FIA officials for inquiries against their organization.

Digital publishers demand that any such notice be served in an appropriate manner, and ensure that digital journalists will offer full cooperation with the law enforcement agencies if needed.

The digital publishers stand united against such acts of harassment which seem to be driven out of vendetta and aimed at curbing the dissenting voices in the society.

Digital publishers believe in free speech, which is the true essence of journalism, and reiterate that muffling the difference of opinion and resorting to politically triggered actions will only harm the system.

The digital publishers of Pakistan, therefore, demand the government to take immediate notice of the matter and help stop these acts of victimization.

Digital publishers have a role to play in the local media industry and are crucial for keeping the spirit of journalism alive and letting the truth prevail.

Staying united in each other’s support, the digital publishers of Pakistan hope that the government would take swift action to stop such acts and allow them to continue playing their pivotal part in nation-building.