Xiaomi’s latest product on its Youpin crowdfunding platform is a handy kitchen companion ideal for bachelors living by themselves. The OCooker Multipurpose Electric Cooker was originally crowdfunded back in 2018 but is only going on sale just now.

OCooker Multipurpose Electric Cooker

The cooker is made out of 304 stainless steel to keep it spotless and has a total capacity of 400ml. The interior heating surface is built of 2.0mm thick aluminum for efficient heat transfer and it also has two layers of non-water sticking coating to prevent corrosion.

The gadget uses a split design where the pot is separate from the heating surface, making it versatile and portable. The detachable pot can also retain heat so it can act as a hot pot to reserve food for hours. Once the stainless steel pot is detached, others can be mounted for different cooking needs.

The buttons on the control panel at the bottom serve basic functions such as switching on the power, adjusting heat intensity, and selecting between 7 different cooking modes with different heating settings. There is also an LED display to indicate heat intensity, power status, and the current time.

The OCooker Multipurpose Electric Cooker is currently available for sale in China for only $28. There is no word on international availability yet.