SD association, the group responsible for setting the standards for memory cards, has just announced the new SD, and the transfer speed might outpace the SSD in your computer.

The new specification promises nearly four gigabytes per second data rate that is four times faster than the original spec. For comparison, the previous standards provided maximum transfer speeds of 985 megabytes per second. Similar to the SD 7.0 and SD 7.1, the new standard still uses the NVMe Express protocol. However, it takes advantage of the two-lane PCIe 4.0 connection to get even more bandwidth.


According to the association, this will open doors for many device categories. The higher transfer will be very useful for pro photographers. This will allow them to shoot at very high resolutions or capture as many RAW photos in burst mode as they can. Moreover, the association also claims that it will help with 8K and VR video as well as other applications running on mobile devices.

The new standard will be available on SDHC, SDXC, and SDUC memory cards, which means that it will also be used on a 128TB SDUC card, i.e., the highest amount of memory supported by an SD card.

Even though the specifications have been announced today, this is just the core spec. It will take time before manufacturers start mass-producing cards and readers that can handle the extra speed.