Samsung has announced yet another version of its latest S20 flagship lineup. However, this new model dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S20 tactical model is exclusive to the US army and government officials. The company promised that the smartphone is “mission-ready solution tailored to the unique needs of operators in the federal government and Department of Defense.”

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition Could be The Toughest Phone on The Market

The Galaxy S20 TE comes with a highly customized software that works in unison with existing tactical equipment along with DualDAR architecture, offering two layers of encryption. Nevertheless, despite the great military branding and aspirations, the smartphone works ideally as a regular S20 phone It just comes with a few extra purpose-specific features.

The smartphone can perform multiple forms of communication, including 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Private SIM, and CRBS radio, to cover all bases in the field. Other than this, the hardware features incorporated in the device include a night-vision mode, a body-wearing mode that lets you unlock the screen in landscape mode, and a “Stealth mode” which is another way to describe airplane mode.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition Could be The Toughest Phone on The Market

This is not the first time Samsung has launched a rugged version of its smartphone. The Korean giant used to launch an Active variant of Galaxy S flagships since the Galaxy S4. The smartphone were AT&T exclusives until the Galaxy S8. However, with S9 and S10, there were no rugged Active versions, but the company did launch an S9 Tactical Edition in 2018.

The S20 TE will be available through authorized IT channels by the end of this year.