Xiaomi‘s ecological chain company Segway Ninebot has announced its futuristic-looking Air T15 electric scooter with several innovative control and safety features. This e-scooter is an update to the famous M365 electric scooter launched in 2018.

Xiaomi Unveils an Affordable New Electric Scooter

Design and Construction

Design-wise, the Ninebot has followed a typical Xiaomi minimalistic approach. The handlebar of the Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15 comes with a two-beam metal design encased in a plastic housing with a light strip that runs from the bottom to the top. The front light sits slightly above the light strip.

Additionally, the handlebar is equipped with a digital LCD for displaying key parameters such as scooter speed and battery levels.

Xiaomi Unveils an Affordable New Electric Scooter

The bike can be easily folded into a smaller structure for easy storage and transportation. The scooter only weighs 10.5 kgs and is constructed using magnesium alloy.


The Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15 rides on foam-filled puncture-proof hollow tires that mimic ride-softening pneumatic tires. Even though the tires make the rides smooth, it is recommended that the scooter is used on streets because of the small 7.5-inch front tire and smaller yet 6-inch rear tire.

Xiaomi Unveils an Affordable New Electric Scooter

Control system and other specifications

The scooter comes with Step controls embedded with the mudguard. The mudguard can be used for both turning the scooter and hitting the brakes. Analysts believe this comes with several concerns. However, Ninebot will comment on them during the official launch event.

Other than this, the bike also pairs with a smartphone via the Ninebot app, giving users access to the scooter’s data and controls.

The scooter can endure a maximum weight of 100 kgs and can climb a 15-degree elevation. With a maximum speed of 20 km/h, the e-bike provides a total range of 12 km, which is relatively low. It has an integrated lithium battery pack featuring overheat, overcharges, under circuit protection. It also comes with a storage stand where it can be kept while charging.

Pricing and availability

The device is currently available for pre-order on Jingdong and is scheduled for launch on 18th May. It will set users back by ~$422.