Despite struggling hard to keep its smartphone division afloat, Sony is still not ready to give up on it. The OEM just released its quarterly report for Q1 2020, and sadly, it was not even able to meet the low estimate of shipping 700,000 Smartphones in the first quarter. The company only managed to ship as little as 400,000 smartphones in the first quarter.

For the sake of comparison, Samsung reportedly sold 400,000 units of its Samsung Galaxy S20 series within the first few weeks of release in the US only. As a whole, the Korean tech giant  managed to ship

Where the record low sales can be blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic partially, the company itself is responsible for the situation if we look at the bigger picture. For example, Sony launched the Xperia 1 three months ago, yet, the smartphone is not available for sale.

Additionally, the conglomerate failed to provide a forecast for the next fiscal year, probably because it does not want to set any lower bars. Sony has remained adamant; it will not abandon its smartphone division and will try its best to stay in the market by downsizing operations. However, it is high-time they reconsider their decision. Or at least rethink their pricing strategy.