Browser tab organization has been a highly requested feature and is finally arriving in Google Chrome. The should help people that only keep a few tabs open and hoarders with dozens of tabs alike.

Tab groups, as the name indicates, lets you group multiple browser tabs in a set and label them with different names and colors. These tab groups can be moved and reordered at any time and very easily. As an example, employees and students will be able to organize different projects into separate groups based on their urgency, progress, etc.

People will also be able to use emojis for group names so that they are easier to locate, even in a mess. Just like regular tabs, these groups will be saved automatically and will be there whenever Chrome is opened.

Tab groups will be added to Chrome in an upcoming beta update which will begin rolling out next week. The feature will be available on computers across Chrome OS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. A preview of Tab groups is available right now on the latest version of Google Chrome Beta.