Google released real-time captioning for Android with the release of Android 10 last year. Known as Live Captions, the feature is incredibly handy for those with auditory disabilities as it creates captions for all audio and video playback on the phone in real-time without an internet connection.

The feature is now coming to Google Chrome soon as it was spotted by techdown in the latest version of the browser’s Canary build. Just like Android, Live Captions on Chrome will detect speech in any media being played in the browser and create real-time captions for it.

Live Caption

The feature will have to be enabled manually from the browser’s accessibility settings. Once activated, it will automatically start creating captions for media without requiring any special third party support. Chrome will also link them to Windows 10 Captions so people can customize how the captions appear in the browser.

Live Captions for Chrome will be available on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux. Considering how the feature has already arrived in the Canary build, a beta version and a stable update shouldn’t be too far along. We will update this space as soon as an official word is out.