Taxes Corruption & Laws Breach Company Transsion Holding Pakistan
Dear Honorable Journalists and Media Houses,

Transsion Holdings Pakistan (Operators of TECNO, INFINIX, itel, Carlcare, Oramio, Speed AF) has been actively involved in Tax Fraud for Phone Imports, manufacturing, and Sales. They earned hefty billions in profit and gave nothing back to Pakistan in terms of proper taxes. We are already suffering from a severe economic situation and these Chinese companies are taking our money from Pakistan and also not paying taxes too.

This was already forwarded earlier and the research article of Flare magazine was deleted through bribery by Transsion Chinese Management of Pakistan. ( proof is also attached) Such a serious series of incidents and theft repeatedly done by the Chinese Management of Transsion Pakistan.

There was one more article published by another media which was also deleted by the company by giving them money!

Being also actively involved in drugs, FIA already raided their warehouse and recovered sexual drugs earlier as well. Cruel and unprofessional behavior to employees has been a norm of this organization. Please hear the plea and raise your voice for justice.