The COVID-19 contagion has given rise to a global pandemic, with entire countries in lockdown and national governments being placed in crisis mode. Business processes and supply chains have been disrupted and more and more employees are being asked to work remotely as part of containment efforts.

Innovators, businesses, and researchers around the world are putting technology to work in an attempt to alleviate the effects of this global crisis. Multiple institutions have started to strongly lean on the tech sector, specifically call and video conferencing solutions, cloud hosting, data science, e-learning, and artificial intelligence

In a move to address the challenges bought on by the global pandemic, RapidCompute is offering free cloud services to aid the government, health researchers and educational institutions to help deal with the ongoing predicament.

Mr. Imran Khan, Managing Director, spoke about how the company aimed to have the RapidCompute cloud become integrally involved with the government, academics and health sector.

Our entire cloud platform, services, engineering expertise, and 24/7 support are available to help combat this global dilemma. When the pressure is mounting, and governments are overburdened, it is up to organizations to get involved and offer solutions for the betterment of their employees, customers and the community at large.

Mr. Ali Raza, Commercial Head RapidCompute added,

At this point, we need to be more concerned about coming out of this stronger as a community rather than be concerned about business interests. This is why our nationwide business team is now reaching out to our community stakeholders and offering any assistance possible.

Access to data and online services is fundamentally important to keep businesses moving. The current pandemic is a big driver for cloud infrastructure and technologies that sustain business applications run within public cloud environments.

By leveraging the cloud, institutions like universities and colleges can continue to provide their services remotely by offering access to live classes and vast digital libraries. Similarly, resource-intensive government projects can be rapidly deployed on the cloud with the minimal hassle of infrastructure provisioning.

As more and more workloads shift online, businesses and organizations will need to scale out capacity to meet those demands. This is where the cloud comes in- by allowing the remote, smooth provisioning of any additional load on resources, it can ensure companies can cope with these increasing workloads.

If you are a startup, individual or organization working in any way to help deal with COVID-19 and require assistance with hosting on the cloud, reach out to RapidCompute at [email protected] or 021-11-11-CLOUD (25683).