Many businesses are facing difficulties in operations due to the prevailing situation. Although is operating 100%, it’s still facing some obstacles in delivering the orders due to recent emergency situation and the lockdown imposed by the government to halt the spread of COVID-19, which has directly affected the time duration of product delivery.

Mi Pakistan is extremely regretful for this delay, it is completely unintentional and it’s for the sake of the well-being of customers and employees as is taking certain measures to sanitize their warehouses and products. The employees are also taking the necessary precautions to prevent themselves from this pandemic.

Xiaomi is in contact with its logistics partners, asking them to take precautionary measures against this pandemic. In this difficult time, the company is supporting the decisions taken by the government of Pakistan because this battle against Coronavirus cannot be fought by the government alone. We all have to play our roles.

Mi Pakistan appeals tp everyone to co-operate with the company and the government in this difficult time. Smartlink Technologies suggests that you should follow the instructions issued by the Government of Pakistan, strictly follow the safety precautions as suggested by WHO and Health Ministry.

In this period of hardship, Mi Pakistan assures you that it is working diligently to fulfill your requests on time, but in this difficult time, they need your support.

Save your life and the lives of your loved ones by staying home.