Xiaomi, under its Youpin crowdfunding platform, has launched its Daewoo F9 Dyson-like bladeless fan. On top of blowing thin, high-velocity smooth air, the Daewoo F9 is also equipped with necessary air purification equipment.

Design and Construction

Design-wise, the Daewoo F9 looks a lot like Dyson’s tower bladeless fan. It has a similar minimalistic design. The vanes of the fan are hidden in the base. The air generated by these hidden vanes is directed via the hollow tube on the top.

The absence of physical blades is supposed to prevent dust build-up. Of course, children’s safety is a plus here.

As compared to conventional fans, this one comes with a pretty strange streamlined shape.

Xiaomi Reveals an Air Purifying Fan That Has No Blades

It comes with several physical control buttons as well as a long-range remote control.


Even when it comes to functionality, this Xiaomi bladeless fan takes after the Dyson bladeless fan. It has a similar working mechanism. The compressor draws the air in the base, which is then directed to the hollow tube above it. The air comes out in such a way it is distributed to all corners of the room via convection.

The Daewoo F9 comes with nine levels of speed. The first three are described as grassland wind by the company. While the Speed levels 4-6 are termed as mountain forest winds, levels 7-9 are called ocean winds.

The fan also supports 60° left and right head tilt, 20° tilt-up, or down.

Xiaomi Reveals an Air Purifying Fan That Has No Blades

Air purification

This bladeless fan comes with two HEPA filters for air purification. Xiaomi claims that the fan provides a 95.2% formaldehyde removal rate, 89.7% TVOC volatile organic compounds removal rate, and 30 air changes per hour.

The bladeless fan will retail for approximately $139.