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Google Removes Antutu Benchmark Apps from Play Store


Antutu has become one of the most popular benchmarking apps on Android as it provides an easy way for people to compare their devices with others. It has received millions of downloads on the Google Play Store and has maintained a high rating all along.

However, all of that is in the past now as Google has now removed all 3 of Antutu’s benchmarking apps from the Play Store as part of its crackdown against the infamous developer Cheetah Mobile.

Google has been on a crackdown against Cheetah Mobile ever since one of its applications called Clean Master started spreading deceptive ads in 2014. These pop-up ads would warn users that their device was infected with viruses and lead them into installing Clean Master on their phones.

A few months later the developer started telling people to replace Google Chrome on their devices with Cheetah Mobile’s internet browser. This is what finally led Google to initiate a crackdown against the notorious developer.

In 2018, Cheetah Mobile was involved in another click fraud scheme which led Google to remove 2 of its applications from the Play Store. At present, Google has banned over 600 apps from Cheetah Mobile and other developers that violated the company’s ad policies including the aforementioned Antutu apps.

Antutu has released a statement in its defense that claims that Cheetah Mobile is only an investor to Antutu and Antutu still holds a considerable amount of shares. They also claim that they’ve never promoted any Cheetah Mobile software and had never given them access to their Google Play account either.

They hope that “Google is able to examine the situation better and resolve this misunderstanding as soon as possible”.