Looks like working with Excel formulas is about to get much simpler and more interesting. The tech giant, Microsoft, is working on several new updates for its spreadsheet software, MS Excel, in an aim to make it easier to work with formulas.Formulas are one of the most fundamental features of Excel, allowing the user to use the built-in functions to perform calculations and solve problems swiftly and easily.

If you’re someone who is just getting started with formulas in Microsoft Excel, you can download the company’s Formula workbook that walks you through Excel’s most common formulas in a well-guided step-by-step manner.

Multiline Formula Bar And Argument Assistance

As part of the upcoming update, the company has revealed that it will be adding a multiline formula bar to Excel which would be made available to the users in March. Once rolled out, the feature will allow the users to resize the formula bar, making it easier to navigate when working with longer formulas.

Additionally, as part of its roadmap, the company plans to introduce another feature to its spreadsheet software called Argument Assistance. The Argument Assistance feature will appear in the form of a card on the Excel sheet whenever the user is writing a formula and will remain on-screen during the arguments insert/edit phase.

The Argument Assistance card will help users be more efficient while writing formulas, hence, reducing the risk of errors. It even includes descriptions of each of the formulas along with the different arguments being used as an example.

If you are someone who hasn’t used formulas in Excel as part of their workflow till now. We suggest you start using it now. There’s never been a better time to start using Microsoft’s spreadsheet software to its full potential.