One of the biggest selling points of the Galaxy S20 is its high refresh rate display. It features an incredibly smooth 120Hz screen refresh rate and 240 Hz response time, but only on full HD resolution (1080p). QHD resolution can only be enabled on the phone with a 60Hz refresh rate.

However, as per recent reports, Samsung is now planning to enable a 120Hz refresh rate on QHD+ resolution as well. The news comes from a leaked screenshot of the Galaxy S20 that shows a new Dynamic refresh rate option.

Samsung is Improving S20’s Display For Free [Leak]

This new option will automatically change the screen refresh rate based on a number of factors. It will switch from 120Hz to 60Hz when the battery temperature reaches 42C or the percentage falls to 5%. It will also reduce the refresh rate for apps that don’t necessarily take advantage of the feature such as Google Maps, Camera, etc.

Needless to say, the main purpose of this feature is to find an optimal balance between display quality and battery life while also enabling QHD+ resolution.

It is unclear whether Samsung will enable the option to use 120Hz at all times, but the development is at least a step in the right direction to let fans take advantage of their phone’s true capabilities.