One of the highlights of Samsung’s recently released flagship series is its 8K recording feature. Very few smartphones in the industry offer the technology, which is why Samsung did not refrain from glorifying it as much as possible.

However, the feature comes with a fair share of inconveniences. The one that tops the list is the fact that 8K video recording consumes 600 MB of storage space per minute, which means a mere 5 minutes video will consume 3 GB of space.

The second issue is more of a constraint. While talking to Verge, the Korean Tech Giant revealed that the recording time is restricted to 5 minutes. Moreover, users will not be able to record videos at 30 fps and 60 fps. The maximum frames per second provided by the 8K video recording mode are 24.

If you are not disappointed yet, we have more. On top of all these constraints, 8K video recording mode lacks video stabilization. Thus, even though you will be able to record high-resolution videos, lack of image stabilization might add a little blurriness. Other than this, there are hardly any options to playback 8K footages in their original resolution as 8K TVs are pretty new in the market. And those that are available cost an arm and a leg.

Although the storage issue can be solved by investing in the maxed-out Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra that offers 512GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 1TB using microSD cards, other constraints might pose as a slight inconvenience for most power users.