Creating leaders for tomorrow is easier said than done. It requires forward-thinking that not only encourages people to share their ideas and thoughts but, also allows them to be more creative to collaborate seamlessly on the job, with a proactive approach about applying strategic solutions.

The youth requires clear direction, feedback, and guidance in their career paths, including more interaction and cross-functional work opportunities that will lead to progress and prepare them to take on more challenging roles within the organization.

To further develop and enhance their professional skills to make better and faster decisions, all young minds need mentorship and guidance. To fulfill this purpose, many companies offer programs that provide the necessary hands-on experience through on-ground activities and real-time projects.

Realizing the significance of such programs in nurturing and developing future leaders, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has welcomed the fourth batch of its flagship leadership development program, FUEL while bidding farewell to the third batch.

This year’s FUEL Program was launched for both Ufone and PTCL.

PTCL Group’s FUEL Program (Batch 4)

Launched in 2013, the FUEL Program is meant to harness and develop the top talent in the country in order to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Top employees are selected through a rigorous screening process after which they undergo several training sessions encompassing experiential learning and development opportunities.

This immersive learning experience, which spans over 2 years, is feedback-intense and transformative. It not only helps the employees in gaining a clearer perspective on their role as a leader in the future but, also helps them thrive in difficult situations, both personally and professionally.

Group’s Flagship Leadership Development Program


The program consists of multiple development interventions such as certifications, executive coaching, leadership academy in collaboration with LUMS, mobility program, job rotation, and more.

FUEL members must go through job rotations while working in cross-functional teams so that they wrap as much knowledge about all the company processes as possible.

Some of the FUEL members are also sent to training programs abroad by Etisalat Group, thereby providing them with the necessary international exposure for growth and progress.

Employees Are the Biggest Asset of Any Organization

We have seen PTCL Group as a national company, that is not only serving the nation but, is also an employee-centric organization as is evident from the investment it makes in its human capital with the help of such development programs.

Programs such as FUEL play a key role in shaping employees for leadership positions. They enable them to take on more responsibilities thereby allowing them to achieve greater success in a short span of time.

Group’s Flagship Leadership Development Program

Organizations such as PTCL are mindful of the fact that a company’s most valued assets are its employees. By providing its employees a platform like FUEL, PTCL Group ensures prosperity and growth in its company.

The company continues to invest in its talent by providing unique development opportunities in order to prepare leaders of the future.