The foldable Motorola Razr has officially gone on sale and the brand has released a support video alongside it to warn customers about caring for their Razr.

The video makes it clear that the clamshell phone carries the caveats of previous foldables, the biggest one being, of course, a fragile screen.

The video starts off reminding people that the phone is water repellent and should do fine with minor water splashes. Reminiscent of the Galaxy Fold, the next part goes on to say that “bumps and lumps” are normal on the plastic screen and that “sharp objects should be avoided”. Although using sharp objects is an obvious one, bumps and lumps being considered “normal” is somewhat concerning for potential buyers.

Users are also not supposed to remove the protective film covering the display or replace it with a conventional screen protector. The last part that says “close phone before putting in pocket or purse” makes it clear that the display is fragile.

However, none of these warnings is a shock as they only serve as reminders that the foldable technology is still in its infancy and drawbacks such as these should be expected. The company only wants us to be fully aware of these quirks before we spend $1500.

Foldable phones are expected to become more durable in the future and until then, we will have to bear with a hitch or two, but this is to be expected in a first-generation project. Samsung is already prepping to release its first foldable with Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) and we have nothing but high expectations.