Over the past few months, Careem has increased ride fares multiple times and reduced discounts on ride packages. While some of the changes have been forced due to increasing fuel prices, others have not been explained by the company.

After the annual budget was announced last year, Careem increased the prices of packages, reducing the discounts by up to Rs. 30 per ride.

Careem Ride Packages Before July 2019

  • 3 rides for Rs. 180 (14 days)
  • 6 rides for Rs. 340 (14 days)
  • 10 trips for Rs. 480(14 days)

Careem Ride Packages After July 2019

  • 3 rides for Rs. 249 (14 days)
  • 6 rides for Rs. 449 (14 days)
  • 10 trips for Rs. 649 (14 days)
  • 20 trips for Rs. 999 (30 days)

The second price revision came in October last year when the online ride-hailing service jacked up the rates again. Well, technically it didn’t change the prices of ride packages, but slightly decreased the discounts. The older packages offered more value for money.

Careem Ride Packages After October 2019

  • 249 3 rides – Rs. 110 off per ride
  • 449 6 trips – Rs. 105 off per ride
  • 649 10 rides– Rs. 100 off per ride
  • 999 20 trips – Rs. 90 off per ride
  • 1999 50 rides – Rs. 90 off per ride

This time, again, Careem has retained the prices for the packages but the discounts have been reduced. To compensate, the company increased the number of rides for the same amount but with reduced discounts.

For Rs. 999, Careem now offers 22 rides (2 more than the previous one) per month but will save only 75 rupees on each trip instead of Rs. 90.

The discount margin further reduces if you avail more than 22 rides a month. Careem previously offered 50 rides for Rs. 1999, but you can now avail 55 rides for the same amount. However, you will pay Rs. 20 extra on each trip.

Users will now have to take extra trips each month if they are to fully make use of their ride package. In addition to that, each user will have to pay up to Rs. 20 extra for each ride which means extra spending for all 55 trips.

On the other hand, the overall discount for each package has only been marginally reduced in terms of monetary value.

Note: Careem’s ride package discounts vary for each city. The above-mentioned prices are for Rawalpindi and Islamabad.